Allan Sherman

A waste of money (Audio)

I wanted to get some new girl friends
So I went and got a Mercedes Benz
A waste of money, 8,000 bucks down the drain.

I thought the girls would get wild and reckless
So I bought cultured pearls and a diamond necklace
A waste of money, that cost me 4,000 more.

They were returned, I got no girls
They repossessed both the car and the pearls.

I styled my hair just like Cary Grant,
bought a pair of those new tight pants
A waste of money, household finance took my pants.

The female gender, I just don't get it
Just when I'm out of both cash and credit,
I found a honey, and this is what's funny:

She don't need my money
She works for "Household by maids"!

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