Marianne Rosenberg

A V.I.P. (Audio)

A v.i.p., that's what you are, you see,
the most important man to me
I wanna be your v.i.p., it's true,
number one love I give you -- just loving you (fine)

To your heart, you know I wanna go
It's time that I let you know
You're the man that I need
S.O.S., to you and you alone I'm sending
No use anymore in pretending
Hey mister, why can't you see?

A v.i.p., that's what I want to be,
your most important girl -- love me!

(you're gonna see)
(how good it can be)
(so come on and dance -- oh)

You're A 1,
you're the prize and I'm out to get you
And my heart is never gonna let you
run away from me now.*

You're the man, and you're second to none to me now,
a genuine v.i.p. now
Why, oh why can't you see?


da capo al fine

*Was denn nun? "Nie" oder nur "jetzt" nicht?!?

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