Nana Mouskouri

Attic toys

Rocking chairs and rocking horses
Teddy bears and flying saucers
Brik-a-brak and broken souvenirs.

Christmas lights and covered wagons
Paper kites and Chinese dragons
mingle in the shadows of the years.

Attic toys in great profusion,
lying here in strange confusion,
cut into the memory like a knife.

|: Smiling dolls and faded cotton
Dusty world I had forgotten
tell again the story of my life :|

Gone the time and dead the season
Now I ask the rhyme and reason
why my little world got left behind.

Here among this helter skelter
Taking stock and taking shelter
I may find a moment's peace of  mind.

Attic toys in great profusion
Vanished hopes and disillusions
peel away the memories like a knife.

|: Broken dreams and paradoxes,
side by side in cardboard boxes,
recollect the story of my life :|

Attic toys of pain and pleasure,
lying here like buried treasure,
measure up the story of my life.

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