Joe Jackson

A slow song (Video)

Music has charms, they say
But in some peoples' hands
it becomes a savage beast
Can't they control it?
Why don't they hold it back?

You see, my friend and me
don't have an easy day
And at nights we dance, not fight
And we need the energy,
if not the sympathy.

But I'm brutalized by bass,
and terrorized by treble
I'm open to change my mood,
but I always get caught in the middle.

And I get tired of dj's
Why 's it always what he plays
I'm gonna push right through
I'm gonna |: tell him to :|
|: play us :| a slow song
|: play us a slow song :|

It's late, I'm winding down
Am I the only one
to want a strong and silent sound
to pick me up and undress me,
lay me down and caress me?

I feel you touch my hand
and whisper in my ear,
ask me how I'm feeling now
And I want to get near you
But I can't even hear you.

So this is a fine romance,
if we have to be so demanding
We need just one more dance
to leave here with an understanding.




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