Anne Murray

Are you still in love with me? (Video)

I can hear the cars out on the street,
as I lie awake and watch you while you sleep
It seems that it was only yesterday,
when you took my hand and carried me away.

[Now/*cause] everyday I look at you,
and think of when you married me
Is it still the same for you,
as good as how it used to be?
Oh, I wonder, are you still in love with me?

Our children are the garden we have grown
I see so much of you in them I know
This house is filled with memories of the past,
when no-one thought that you and I would last.


Now after all this time we've been together,
did you ever think the right one could be wrong?
I know you said you'd stay with me forever
I just can't believe your love would last so long.

So now I think I'll put my fears away
If not for love you never would have stayed
Forgive me if I feel this way again
But I need to know you love me now and then.


I guess I wonder why you're still in love with me.

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