Ani chozer habayta ani vehagitara
Ani chozer habayta vehaderech shara

Betoch matos ben eretz veshamayim
kore iton hazman over bentayim
Vedayalot shemetaylot vesho'a lot bishney kolot
ma ba li mitz o yayin
Ani yoshev ben ananim umayim
ulesha'a kala otzem enayim
Umeta'er umeshachzer umenaseh lehizacher
ba'anashim babyit

Lo, lo yachol yoter ani mishtage'a
pit'om ani kol kach mitga'agea
Ramkol modia
od me'at venagia

Ani chozer habayta ani chozer elayich
Ani chozer habayta vehashemesh be'enayich
Ani chozer habayta ani vehagitara
Ani chozer habayta vehaderech shara

Ani yoshev ben eretz vesahmayim
poter tashbetz meyasher haraglayim
Na lehadek chagurot uletoch ma'aferot
lizrok sigariyot bo'arot
Achshav notru vadai daka o shtayim
hine halachatz haze baoznayim
Libi doher umemaher eini yachol lehitgaber -
otzem enayim

Ba'adama hamatos kvar noge'a
pit'om ani kol kach mitga'age'a
Ani lemata hine bati habayta

Ani chozerů.

I am coming home with the guitar
I am coming home and the road is singing

I am in the plane between land and sky
I read the news papers to pass time
The stewardesses are asking in two voices:
What do you feel like juice or wine
I sit between water and clouds
and close my eyes for a while
And I visualize and try to remember
people at home

I can't stand it any more I am going insane
Suddenly I miss every thing
the announcement comes on
We are arriving soon

I'm coming home to you
I'm coming home to the sun in your eyes
I'm coming home, me and my guitar
I'm coming home, and the road is singing.

I sit between sky and land doing
crosswords and straighten my feet
"Fasten your seat belts and
hrow the cigarettes into the ash trays"
Another minute or two
we can feel the pressure in my ears
My heart is racing I can't take it any more
and I close my eyes

The plane touches down
I miss it so much I am here
I came back home

I'm coming home......


Hebrew words

LYRICS Shimrit Or
MUSIC Toto Cutugno
SINGER Doron Mazar


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