Trini López

Angelito (Audio)

Me encontré un angelito que bajó del cielo azul
Yo pedí un angelito, corazón, llegaste tú.

Angelito, déjame decir que antes que te vi
no conocí el amor, y por ti aprendí
Eres para mí la dicha que soñé, mi bendición.

Llegaste en mi soledad como un amanecer,
iluminando así mi corazón, todo mi ser.

I'm in love with an angel, one who said, I love you so
Heaven sent me an angel, and my angel is you.

Let me tell you I was said and blue, with nothing else to do,
looking at the rain on my window pane
When she smiled at me, then everyone could see the rain was gone.

I've never been so much in love, my heartbeat tells me so
I've never felt this way, but now I know I must find you.

I'm in love with an angel, and I know it's really real
Got a date with an angel for the rest of my life.



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