Harry Belafonte


Angelina, Angelina,
Please bring down your concertina
And play a welcome for me
'cause I'll be coming home from sea.

Yes it's so long since I've been home
Seems like there's no place to roam
Well I've sailed around the Horn
I've been from San José up to Baffin Bay
And I've rode out many a storm.


Well I've heard the bawdy tunes
I've been in honky tonk saloons
I took my liquor by the vat
Well I stayed on call for a rousing brawl
Home was where I hung my hat.*


Now I've courted many a girl
I've been in ports all around the world
But my rambling days are done
I've been from Cura¸ao up to Tokyo
And I've found there's only one - an she is


*Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, H.B. jemals mit Hut gesehen zu haben - aber man muß so eine Redewendung natürlich nicht unbedingt wörtlich nehmen ;-)

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