Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora

And when the rain begins to fall (Vidéo)

Like the sand can seep right through your fingers, so can all your days
As those days go by, you'll have me there to help you find the way*
The way* I feel with you I know it's got to last forever.

And when the rain begins to fall
you'll ride my rainbow in the sky
And I will catch you if you fall
you'll never have to ask me why
And when the rain begins to fall
I'll be the sunshine in your life
You know that we can have it all,
and everything will be alright.

Time goes by so fast, you've got to have a dream to just hold on
All my dreams of love began with the reality of you*
You* and I believe that all our dreams will last forever.


Though the sun may hide, we still can see
the light that shines for you and me
We'll be together all that we can be.

Chorus (bis)

*"the way" und "you" am Ende der Zeilen überschneiden sich jeweils mit denselben Wörtern am Beginn der folgenden Zeilen.

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