Pappa Bear

And when the rain begins to fall

And when the rain begins to fall
You ride my rainbow in the sky
And I will catch you if you fall
You never have to ask me why
And when the rain begins to fall
I'll be the sunshine in your life
You know that we could have it all
And everything will be alright.

Contemplating away to give thanks
to the one person that was there to hold my hand,
that's the one person who was there, even when she wasn't there
Never cared and kept focused and raised a strong bear
by herself and three kids in a strange country
Educate yourself and the kids with short money
wise words to gide you when your outdoors
and the respect to get when you're indoors.
From better to worse, from worse to terrible.
For what you've achived - yeah, it's incredible,
and you tought me how to stay a black man,
learnd how to say sorry and how to say thanx.
I guess, there's no other way for me to express,
but I'm sure that you know, so for this - God bless!
I wish for my mama to live forever
and for this I'll be there in any kind of weather.


When the rain starts poring down from up above
- may every drop be a symbol of my love,
cause I'm a grown man, now, let me state,
cause, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here today.
On various occasions you bailed me out, swear me out,
and say: Hey, boy, shut your mouth!
Now, I'm my own man, with my own ways,
love for my peeps, oh Lord, I prays.
For you to live forever and be amazed,
how your boy could chase all the rainy days away.
Bring the sunshine and joy every day
Yeah, that's your boy, yeah, that's the bear!

Oh, don't you know what we could have, baby?
You know that we, we should be together - forever!


I will be your rain - You'll be my sunshine

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