Kiki Dee

Amoureuse (Video) (Audio)

Strands of light upon a bedroom floor
change the night through an open door
I'm awake, but this is not my home
For the first time I'm not alone.

Reaching out, I touch another skin,
breathing out as he is breathing in
Deep inside, I feel my soul aflame
Can my life ever be the same?

I should have told him
I'd do anything if I could hold him
|: for just another day :|
His love is something I will not [forget/*regret]
|: When I am far away :|
I feel the rainfall of |: another planet :|

Close together in the afterglow
I remember how his loving flow
turned the key into another world,
made a woman of a simple girl.

Daylight comes as we both know it must
Soon my fantasies will turn to dust
But I would give him anything he asked,
if my first love could be my last.


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