Vera Lynn

Always in my heart (Audio)

You are always in my heart,
even though you're far away
I can hear the music of
the song of love I sang with* you.

You are always in my heart
And when skies above are gray,
I remember that you care
and then and there the sun breaks through.

Just before I go to sleep,
there's a rendez-vous I keep
And the dream* I always meet
helped* me forget we're far apart.

I don't know exactly when, dear
But I'm sure we'll meet again, dear
And, my darling, 'til we do,
you are always in my heart.


dal $egno al fine

*Dean Martin singt "to" statt "with", "dreams" statt "dream" und "help" statt "helped"; außerdem beginnt er das d.$.a.f. zwei Zeilen früher; aber all das rechtfertigt keine eigene Datei.

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