Alan Sorrenti

All day in love (Audio)

You show me you love me, [you tell me/*I see that] you need me,
[*when you] tell me you don't want me to go
You want me to stay home, disconnect the telephone
You know you're always letting me know.

(1st stanza)
When the morning comes through the window,
there's [a sunny day/*temptation] in your eyes
It's hard to leave you, don't even let me try 
Too hard to tear myself away |: we never say good-bye :|



1st stanza*

Only in love, don't make it bad at all
God, all I want is you at all
Don't need to go out, all I need is right here
We'll be |: all day in love :| all day...

Chorus (*bis) 

|: You know, you know, baby you know you'll always letting you know :|

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