A little peace

Just like a flower when winter begins,
just like a candle blown out in the wind
Just like a bird that can no longer fly,
I'm feeling that way sometime

But then, as I'm falling, weighed down by the load,
I picture a light at the end of the road
And closing my eyes, I can see through the dark
the dream that is in my heart

A little lovin', a little givin'
To build a dream for the world we live in
A little patience and understanding
For our tomorrow, a little peace
A little sunshine, a sea of gladness
To wash away all the tears of sadness
A little hoping, a little praying
For our tomorrow, a little peace

I feel I'm a leaf in the November snow,
I fell to the ground, there was no one below
So now I am helpless, alone with my song,
just wishing the storm was gone


|: We are feathers on the breeze
(A little lovin', a little givin')
(To build a dream for the world we live in)
Sing with me my song of peace
(A little patience and understanding)
(For our tomorrow, a little peace) :|

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