Nico Fidenco

A little grain of sand (Audio)

The sea seems to murmur, I love you
the way you used to whisper |: ti amo :|
And when I walk alone on the shore,
I remember once more
a love that slipped through my hands,
just like a little grain of sand, ay ay ay...

The breezes caress me and kiss me
and once again you kiss me and baciami, kiss me
My foolish heart gets thrilled through guitars
and I'm lost in the stars
I dream of love that was grand
but now it's like a grain of sand.

They say, love's but a game
and every kiss just candle flame
How how could I know
it wasn't so - how could I know?

I pray that together, together
our love will live forever, per sempre, forever
So come to me and hold me once more,
as we kiss on the shore
Don't let the future we've planned
be just a little grain of sand!


dal $egno al fine

Ay ay ay...

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