David Chrenko

Airheads do

Now, who spots an error on a monitor screen,
then tries to correct it with white-out?
And who thinks guerilla-warfare's fought at a zoo?
It's true, it's true -- airheads do.

And who do you ask out on Saturday night
to take in the new sci-fi movie?
Who's ducking for cover, when they blow up the Moon?
Who believes it's true? Airheads do.

Airheads do, they'd buy a beach house in Wyoming
Airheads do, they will forever play the fool.

The War of the Worlds brought them out in the streets,
believing the Martians had landed
Who trusts politicians or the six o'clock news
to shape their views? Airheads do.

Who'd use henna rinse to wash poultry for stew?
Someone who you think would know better
So who is an airhead? Sometimes me, sometimes you
Now, who'd deny ? Airheads do.

Airheads do, we traded seashells for Manhattan
Airheads do, they will forever play the fool.

Buy my bridge, it spans across the Hudson River
Who'll buy my bridge? Ignore the sirens, hurry, buy my bridge!

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