David Hasselhoff

After mañana mi cielo* (Audio)

After manana mi cielo, I'll be with you in the morning
Wait for me down by the station, there is gonna be some celebration
After manana mi cielo, I'm gonna hold you tomorrow
Darling be mine when I come to you, mañana my friend, mi cielo.

It's been so long, so many nights
I had to see those big city lights
|: I've seen a hundred places and millions of faces
But one girl is still on my mind :|


How do you look, how do you feel?
You still believe my loving is real?
|: Give me a chance to show you and baby I know you
will never be lonely again :|

Chorus (bis)

*auf der Plattenhülle steht "ciello"; aber ich habe mir erlaubt, diesen peinlichen Schnitzer stillschweigend zu korrigieren ;-)

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