Malcolm Higgins

Me and you and a frog named Lou

I remember I was feeling sad, as we stepped upon the lily pad
How he stuck to my toes, and he looked in pain
I pulled that little froggy off, and fed him an old lampshade moth
Oh, how I wish he was back in that pond again.

Me and you and a frog named Lou,
staying home, and swimming in the pool
Me and you and that frog named Lou
How I wish I was a free man!

I can still recall, the fishing trip I took last fall,
and the morning he got caught, bobbing from my fly line
Old MacDonald on his farm offered Lou a place all safe from harm
Greenpeace saw me bait the hook and told me to release him then.


I will never forget the day I took Lou to see the sights of L.A.,
the lights of Disney put the thoughts of settling down in my brain
Though it took a while to figure out, and Lou landed when I through him out
So here he'll stay and I'm back on the road again.


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