Michael Florio

Afganistan Pie

A long long time ago, I can still remember
when the World Trade Center used to stand so high
And I knew if I had my way
that I would make those Arabs pay
And maybe we'll be happy that we're alive
But 9/11 made me shiver,
With the reflections in the east river,
Bad news down in downtown,
I couldn't bear but to frown,
And I can't remember if I sighed,
When I heard about the deadly ride,
Something touched us deep inside,
The day taliban flied,

Bye-bye, miss Afghanistan pie,
Drove their planes into the buildings and made the buildings subside,
And the people all searching for the loved ones who died
But America had survived, America had survived

Did you see the planes up in the sky,
were you aware of those who died,
when the World Trade Center fell down,
do you believe it was the taliban,
and do you blame Afghanistan,
and can you tell me all about Pakistan
and I know Osama's behind it all,
'cause he was laughing when he saw the towers fall,
he sat his turban down,
and then laughed upon our frowns,
He was a lonely terrorist without any guts,
with a turban and a nuclear truck,
and we knew that he was outta luck,
the day Taliban flied,

He started singing:

Now it's been one year, since the towers fell
And we want to see Osama rot in hell
and that's always how it used to be
when the towers were bombed in '93
and it only wrecked part of the street
but Osama did not retreat
but the towers soon would hit the ground
and Bin Ladin hated all around
but the site was now a wreck
Osoma was inept
and medics went up to spite remarks
and ships came down to Battery Park
but the digging went on through the dark
the day taliban flied

and we were singing

Tower, Delta, 9/11 remember
survivors went off to medical centers
to see if loved ones were there
people jumped breaking the glass
survivors huddled in a mass
with the medics running up really fast
but the towers soon would become a wreck
leading everybody to their deaths
they all went up to save
but it lead 'em to their grave
'cause Osoma tried to wreck our lives
and made 5000 people die
do you recall, what they tried
the day, taliban flied

I started singing:

and then it was a big disgrace
the towers collapsed in their place
with no time left to dig them out
we went on, unfortunately terrorists got their wish
two planes crashed into the towers quick
and then the towers collapsed in the end
and when I watched 'em fall from grace
my hands were clutched in fists of rage
hundreds of people fell
'Osoma, rot in hell'
and as the bombs were dropped all through the night
digging continued at the site
we saw Osoma laughing with delight
the day taliban flied

and he was singing:

I met a girl whose husband died
I asked her if she knew why
she just smiled and turned away
and I went down to ground zero
where the towers stood hours ago
but the diggers said the towers didn't stay
and in the streets the children screamed
the mourners cried and the searchers seeked
but not a word was spoken;
the death count was atrocious
and the lost men in the towers wreck
police, firemen and ceo-exects
found one after the next
the day taliban flied

Chorus (bis)

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