Marty Wilde

Abergavenny (Video*)

(Stanza 1:)
Taking a trip up to Abergavenny,
hoping the weather is fine
If you should see a red dog running free,
well you know he's mine.

(Stanza 2:)
A chase in the hills up to Abergavenny
I've got to get there and fast
If you can't go,
then I promise to show you a photograph.

(Stanza 3:)
Ah, passing the time with paradise people
Paradise people are fine by me
Sunshine forever, lovely weather
Don't you wish you could be...

Stanza 1

Stanza 3

Stanza 2

A little photograph, a little photograph,
up to Abergavenny.

La la la...

*leider eine gekürzte Fassung; aber es geht ja - außer ein paar Wiederholungen - nichts verloren ;-)

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