Lee Hazlewood

Four kinds of lonely

Johnny Blakely robbed the bank way down in El Paso
He got thirty four dollars and a sack of green stamps I know
He didn't tell nobody but his little red-headed girl friend
She turned him in again and again -- and now he's...

Four kinds of lonely, three kinds of sad,
two kinds of sorry, one big kind of mad kind of mad.

Mildred wasn't pretty but she had a good looking man
One night she introduced him to her best girl friend named Dan
Yeah, they borrowed Mildred's car and they went down to Mexico,
got married, I know, Mildred told me so -- and now she's...


One day I let a stranger take a look at my hunting gun
He said it sure were shiny and he wished that he had one
Well he turned round and pointed my gun straight at me and then
said: stick 'em up friend, I never saw him again -- and now I'm...


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