Lionel Richie

Three times a lady (Video*)

Thanks for the times that you've given me
The mem'ries are all in my mind
And now that we've come to the end of our rainbow,
there's something I must say out loud:

|: You're once twice, three times a lady,
and I love you (yes, I do/|: I love you :|) :|

*You shared my dreams, my joys my pains
*You made my life worth living for
*And if I had to live my life over again,
*I'd spend each and every moment with you.


When we are together, the moments I cherish
with every beat of my heart,
to touch you, to hold you, to feel you, to need you
There's nothing to keep us apart.


*Beim verlinkten Liveauftritt fehlt die 2. Strophe; statt dessen wird der Kehrreim a.E. noch ein paarmal wiederholt.

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