Trojan horse (Video)

You came in through the door like the Trojan Horse
You came into the floor like the Trojan Horse
You looked around and saw me, but your eyes remained the same
But soon you would show more, like the Trojan Horse,

La la la...

Come on, now, one - two - three, you're gonna dance with me
One - two - three - four - five, you say I'll be your wife
You move a little fast, now wait a little while
If you want to last, you show a little style,

The gates are not yet opened, so the horse cannot come in
When you tell a happy story, the beginning you begin.

Chorus (fine)

You got to take your time like the Trojan Horse
Don't know what's on your mind like the Trojan Horse.
You came, you saw, you conquered, but you move a little fast.
You made your plan just fine like the Trojan Horse

dal $egno al fine

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