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vgk anime: rollin' in the new year

sunday, june 17, 2002:
happy fathers' day. woo. my jusenkyo account doesn't work anymore, so anyone try to send me hate mail/viruses will have to change the sending address to [email protected]

saturday, april 27, 2002:
what the hell? what's going on?! we've actually updated? hell yes, we have! like 3 sentences. IT IS SURELY A SIGN THAT THE APOCALYPSE LOOMS NIGH OVERHEAD! anyway, angel and i updated kat in anime land: part 5 for the first time in forty billion years. be proud. we haven't updated much, but i'm hoping that ... yeah. we're updating. now. *grabs angel's wrist* come robin, to the batmobile!

friday, march 12, 2002:
hola! that's all i know. we're still missing files from when geocities messed up, i think, and there's noting new for now. that's about all the exciting news now, stay tuned and we might get back to you some time in the year. If you're new then have a look around and sing the guestbook, what fun you will have!
-posted by groonie at 3:25 pm

sunday, january 6, 2002:
i am so fucking pissed at geocities. words cannot describe my utter loathing for it.
we need a domain. or a kind soul to host us.
-posted by veggie at 4:04 pm

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