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Club Update 11th December 2013:

December 2013

 We meet on Sundays at 1400 hours at Checkers Cafe. Please contact sammywoodward at gmail.com if you intend on joining us!


We play and teach the fascinating board game Go.

 At our meetings are players of all strength: from beginner to 4 Dan.

contact us at 


 Beginners are always welcome!


What is go?- A short description.
I want to learn Go!- How to improve and links, links, links..
News - What's going on?
Some Pictures - Go playing. Here? There? Everywhere!
Downloads - All you need is ... for free.
Directions - A map to our meeting place.  

Club Ladder - Ranking, Handicap and the Club Ladder.

British Go Association

Promoting and supporting the playing of the oriental board game Go in the United Kingdom.

  If you have a comment contact us SwanseaGoClub@gmail.com