Learning Go

The best way to learn Go is to play with other players at a local Club. But of course there are lots of information about Go on the Web. If you want to learn the basics of go then 'The Interactive Way To Go' by Hiroki Mori is a good starting point. There you learn all the rules and the basic concepts.
Information about all aspects of go can be found at The British Go Association. Especially, they also sell boards and books and have a list of other suppliers.

To study Go there are also some good online resources: For Go problems see goproblems.com and for game research has gobase.org a massive database and they have also a lot of good teaching articles and of course a long list with Go proverbs.

Free Go Software

For the begining there is an nice free 9x9 Program called Igowin by David Fotland. The best free program for a 19x19 board is Gnugo. Note that you will need a client like Jago to play against Gnugo.

To study Go at home have a look at the programs of Ulrich Görtz: Uligo a problem trainer and Kombilo a game database.

Internet Go

There are many places where you can actually play Go on the internet. The British Go Association has a list of 'all' servers. A nice free client is Igc2000 which can be used to play for example on the Internet Go Server.
A beautiful sever with its own Java client is KGS, it is easy to use and the server has also a really good rating system.

But once again: It is much more fun to play with real people face to face at your local Go Club. If you are in Swansea contact us