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The following tombstone inscriptions are taken from the booklet prepared by Sheila M. Spiers. All 'Gordon' stones are represented here as well as an assortment of stones that are 'possibly connected' or indeed those of other interest:

1. In memory of ELSPET STEWART spouse to WILLIAM CAMERON d. 1st February 1829 aged 72. This tribute of filial affection is placed here by her only surviving son JAMES CAMERON residing at Abergeldie. Said WILLIAM CAMERON d. Croft of Abergeldie 21st June 1840 aged 90.

2. In loving memory of our father GEORGE HUNTER d. Abergeldie 10th February 1873 aged 53 our mother ANN BEY d. there also 4th May 1879 aged 52. Their daughter ANNE d. 2 November 1932 aged 73. (Plaque) ISABELLA d. Mains of Concraig, Skene 16th December 1888 aged 11. Their sons GEORGE d. Hughenden, Queensland 11th June 1889 aged 18, ALEXANDER d. Bucksburn 27th April 1898 aged 18.

3. Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER LAIRD d. West Lodge, Abergeldie 14th November 1904 aged 84. JANE TASTARD widow of ALEXANDER LAIRD d. 8th December 1910 aged 85, ALEXANDER 4th son d. 3rd December 1910 age 56.

1. In memory of FIFE eldest son of JAMES CAMERON Esq. D. Balmoral 12th January 1827 aged 2yrs 5mths. 4 lines of verse. JANE WATT wife of said JAMES CAMERON d. The Chanonry of Old Aberdeen 11th April 1841 aged 41.

2. In loving memory of MARGARET ELIZA DOWNIE daughter JOHN LAIRD Old Bridge of Dee Lodge, Balmoral d. 29th September 1928 aged 36. ELIZABETH GORDON wife of above d. 8th January 1934 aged 79. Above JOHN LAIRD d. 26th August 1942 aged 85. (Also mentioned; son WILLIAM and daughter MARY JANE)

1. Sacred to the memory of JESSIE daughter of CHARLES and JANE DUNCAN Birkhall d. 22nd March 1874 aged 20. JANE STEWART wife of CHARLES DUNCAN d. Broughdhu 28th May 1904 aged 77; above CHARLES DUNCAN d. there 30th November 1904 aged 78. MARY infant daughter of CHARLES and JANE DUNCAN d. 5th March 1855 age 11mths. ALICE their youngest daughter d. 7th January 1944 (no age given). Bottom: text.


1. (Wall) Erected by FRANCIS and ANN GORDON in loving memory of their son CHARLES d. Knox 4th November 1887 aged 22, their daughter ANNIE d. Lynturk Schoolhouse 10th July 1888 aged 24 and FRANK d. in infancy. Above FRANCIS D. GORDON d. 5th May 1915 aged 78; his wife ANN MITCHELL d. 28th October 1925 aged 88. Their son FRANCIS DAVID d. 2nd June 1944 aged 65; their daughter MARGARET d. 10th February 1970 aged 95.

1. Here lies DONALD SMITH late in Strath Girnick d. 3rd January 1783; his spouse EUPHAN COUTS (no dates given) and ELIZABETH FYFE the wife of JAMES SMITH Easter Balmoral d. 16th December 1872 aged 64. Above JAMES SMITH d. Mar Lodge 26th April 1876 aged 82. GEORGE CHRISTIE d. Mar Lodge 17th February 1885 aged 52.

2. Sacred to the memory of MARGARET GORDON wife of JOHN BROWN farmer Leavel d. 12th January 1836 aged 50; said JOHN BROWN d. 5th July 1860 aged 88. Their sons JAMES d. 5th april 1861 aged 46, JOHN d. 23rd July 1879 aged 59, DUNCAN d. 18th April 1886 aged 76.

3. In loving memory of PETER SMITH farmer Strathgirnoc d. 15th June 1901 aged 68; his wife MARGARET GRANT d. there 27th June 1913 aged 74. Their son MICHAEL W. R. SMITH b. Strathgirnoc 8th September 1876 - d. St Anne de Bellevue, Quebec 14th March 1919. Their daughter ELIZABETH TESTARD (sic) also d. there 14th July 1931 (No age given)

BALLACHALLACH and WOODEND (foot of Girnoc):
1. Sacred to the memory of ANNIE daughter of JAMES COUTTS Ballachallach d. 2nd February 1871 aged 20; above JAMES COUTTS d. 7th February 1889 aged 74. His son CHARLES b. 27th June 1851 - d. 15th April 1894. ANN GORDON wife of above JAMES COUTTS d. 6th September 1896 aged 77. Their son ALEXANDER COUTTS d. 2nd October 1919 aged 73

2. Erected by JOHN REID junr. in loving memory of his wife ALICE COUTTS d. Girnoc 29th January 1892 aged 30. Bottom: 2 lines text.

1. Sacred to the memory of our mother JANE GORDON wife of CHARLES LEYS late Mill of Cosh d. Girnoe (sic) 30th October 1896 aged 75; their children JANE aged 8 weeks, JOHN aged 2, CHARLES aged 2. Above CHARLES LEYS d. Australia 1908. Base: 1 line verse.

2. In memory of FANNY GRANT wife of ALEXANDER McPHERSON senr. Mill of Cosh d. 13th March 1917 aged 75. Above ALEXANDER McPHERSON d. 9th September 1921 aged 84. (Also mentioned; daughters JESSIE and MARGARET and son WILLIAM)

3. Sacred to the memory of MARY JANE FRASER wife of ALEXANDER McPHERSON junr. Mill of Cosh, Ballater d. there 12th August 1922 aged 48. Above ALEXANDER McPHERSOn jnr. D. there 2nd March 1931 aged 60.

4. In memory of JOHN CLARK Mill of Cosh d. 20th February 1940. His wife JANE TOUGH late of Littlemill (date on stone)

1. In loving memory of JOHN GRANT SUTHERLAND MACKAY d. Lynvaig 8th March 1924 aged 59 his wife ANNIE DURRAN COGHILL d. 4th October 1945 aged 79.

1. Erected by DONALD GORDON Bovaglie in memory of his children JOHN d. 14th June 1860 aged 2�, MARY d. 5th July 1864 aged 8yrs 7mths, DAVID d. 9th July 1870 aged 11mths 20days.

2. In loving memory of DONALD GORDON Bovaglie, Crathie b. 4th September 1811 - d. 5th February 1897. His second son DONALD farmer there d. 28th May 1928 aged 68. MARGARET SMITH wife of DONALD GORDON senr. D. 24th January 1935 aged 97.

3. In loving memory of my husband CHARLES MERCHANT d. Bovaglie 14th June 1940 aged 60; their elder son CHARLES d. 11th August 1950 aged 40. His wife HELEN CRAWFORD d. 13th February 1967 aged 81. Also their son WILLIAM (date on stone)


1. 1867. Erected in memory of JOHN MORGAN d. at the Gennechall Cottage, Abergeldie 16th January 1867 aged 62; his daughter BETTY d. November 1828 aged 2, and of JOANNA CAMERON his wife d. 10th April 1880 aged 79.

2. Erected in memory of JOHN MORGAN junr. d. West Lodge, Balmoral, 23rd July 1890 aged 62 who was 39 years game-keeper in the service of H.M. the Queen. 12 lines verse. (LHS) Also his father and mother JOHN MORGAN d. Genechall 1867 aged 62; JOHANNA CAMERON d. 1880 aged 79. Also his sisters and brothers: BETTY d. 1828 aged 2, MARY d. 1852 aged 28, DONALD d. 1867 aged 26, JAMES d. 1890 aged 52.

3. Erected in loving memory of WILLIAM McDONALD d. Gennichal, Crathie 27th June 1898 aged 33; his sister ELSIE d. 13th December 1899 aged 29. Their father GEORGE McDONALD d. Tornouran 14th September 1915 aged 79; his son Pte. JOHN McDONALD 1st Gordon Highlanders killed in action near Romeries in France, 23rd October 1918 aged 34. ALEXANDER McDONALD d. Tornouran 9th October 1934 aged 62. Their mother MARGARET ANDERSON d. there 23rd March 1940 aged 98. Base: Also their sister CHRISTINA and their brother JAMES (dates on stone)

1. Erected by CHARLES GORDON M.D. eldest son of JAMES GORDON and MARY McHARDY as a token of respect and affectionate regard. (RHS) In memory of PETER GORDON d. Kintore, Crathie in December 1847 aged 82; MARGARET RIACH his wife d. in 1817. (Back) In memory of JAMES GORDON 2nd son of PETER GORDON & MARGARET RIACH d. Inverness 19th August 1845 aged 43 and MARY McHARDY his wife d. 25th November 1856 aged 52. (LHS) In memory of the following children of JAMES GORDON & MARY McHARDY: WILLIAM SKENE GORDON drowned at Ballater in 1834 aged 3, MARY GORDON d. 25th May 1856 aged 22.

2. In loving memory of ELSIE ANNE GORDON, daughter of GEORGE and MARGARET GORDON Dalraddie d. 16th April 1887 aged 18. Their son GEORGE C. GORDON d. 3rd April 1892 aged 22, their son DONALD GORDON d. 3rd August 1912 in 40th year - interred in Bothwell Cemetery. Above GEORGE GORDON d. 3rd of April 1915 aged 73; MARGARET GORDON d. 9th June 1919 aged 79. Their daughter MARGARET ISOBEL d. Glengirnaig Post Office 18th February 1952. (No age given) Base: 2 lines text.

3. Erected by ALEXANDER G. CAMPBELL Khantore in memory of his parents ALEXANDER CAMPBELL d. there 20th October 1858 aged 54, MARGARET GORDON his wife d. there 3rd June 1891 aged 83. JANE CLARK his daughter d. Belnacroft 15th August 1848 aged 22, STEWART CLARK his son d. Edinburgh 10th August 1852 aged 22, JOHN his son d. in infancy, ANN his daughter d. in infancy. (RHS) MARGARET MIDDLETON his daughter d. Khantore 20th August 1887 aged 40. JOHANNA ROBERTSON housekeeper to Queen Victoria at Glassalt Shiel d. 16th January 1900 aged 47. DONALD G. CAMPBELL d. Honolulu 3rd August 1900 aged 56. JAMES CLARK d. Liverpool 21st June 1906 aged 72. ALEXANDER G. CAMPBELL d. Khantore 20th May 1912 aged 76 - was in the service of Queen Victoria for 40 years, 32 years as gamekeeper at Glassalt Shiel. 1 line text.

4. In memory of ALEXANDER CAMPBELL d. Braemar 16th September 1883 aged 51; his sons GEORGE CHARLES d. there 24th June 1869 aged 7, ALEXANDER d. Ballater 17th November 1894 aged 28 and interred in Tulloch Churchyard. CHARLES of Imperial Light Horse d. Intombi, Natal 23rd January 1900 aged 31. ELIZABETH MICHIE wife of above ALEXANDER CAMPBELL d. Khantore 20th July 1919 aged 83. Their youngest son ARCHIBALD d. London 6th September 1968 aged 90. Bottom: His sister CATHERINE CAMPBELL d. 16th March 1910 aged 75. Base: His father & mother CHARLES CAMPBELL and JANE CATTANACH (sic) and brothers JOHN & CHARLES.

5. In memory of ALEXANDER STEWART d. Kintore, Crathie 18th March 1885 aged 59. 2 lines text. Bottom: Erected by A. McDONALD.

6. In memory of CHARLES GORDON d. Khantore 11th February 1903 in 90th year. RACHEL GORDON, widow of late GEORGE MICHIE gamekeeper Linn of Muick d. Khantore 13th March 1908 in 99th year. Their daughter JANE MICHIE d. there 12th April 1916 aged 79. PETER GORDON d. Banchory 19th April 1894 in 83rd year, his son JOHN d. Standerton, South Africa 29th May 1901 aged 22.

7. Erected by ALEXANDER GORDON CAMPBELL Khantore in memory of his brother CHARLES CLARK CAMPBELL d. there 19th January 1906 aged 80. JANE MITCHELL his wife d. there 23rd August 1898 aged 65.


1. In memory of ARTHUR McHARDY d. Balnacroft (sic) in 1830 aged 62 and ELISABETH GORDON his wife d. in 1825 aged 62. Erected as a mark of respect by their son ARTHUR McHARDY who since d. at sea 14th July 1850 aged 42.

2. In memory of MARGARET GORDON d. Dalraddie 8th August 1861 aged 61; her husband CHARLES GORDON d. 6th September 1873 aged 76. Erected by their family. (LHS) Their daughters CATHERINE d. 14th January 1892 aged 60, MARGARET d. Belnacroft 30th October 1897 aged 62, JANE d. 22nd January 1910 aged 76.

3. Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM BLAIR house carpenter and violinist d. Belnacroft, Abergeldie 12th November 1884 aged 90; his wife MARGARET CALDER d. 2nd April 1883 aged 80. Their sons Sgt. JOHN BLAIR d. 21st July 1895 aged 73, JAMES BLAIR d. 18th March 1909 aged 83.


1. In memory of JOHN SMITH farmer Clachanturn d. 22nd August 1861 aged 67; ELLEN GORDON his wife d. 12th March 1864 aged 59. ELISABETH SMITH their daughter d. 1840 aged 5 and ELLEN SMITH their daughter d. 31st December 1865 aged 23. Bottom: Erected by their sorrowing family.

2. In loving remembrance of WILLIAM MITCHELL blacksmith d.Clachanturn 3rd March 1878 aged 77. MARGARET GORDON his relict d. 26th April 1888 aged 84. His sons JOHN d. 19th November 1855 aged 19, JAMES d. 10th March 1908 aged 69, his daughter MARGARET d. 22nd March 1908 aged 61. 4 lines verse.

3. In memory of ELIZABETH STEWART relict of WILLIAM REID late of Boat? At Clachantore d. Strathgornach 14th March 1885 aged 88; her son JOHN REID wood forester d. there 12th August 1903 aged 89, for over 69 years faithful and trusted servant of the Gordons of Abergeldie. His son JOHN wood forester d. Woodend, Girnoch 17th March 1940 aged 82, for over 30 yrs faithful and devoted servant of the Gordon family of Abergeldie and his wife ANNE JAMIESON d. 11th November 1957 aged 74.


1. �by JAMES DOWNIE Tenant in Crathienaird in memory of his mother ELSPET COUTTS d. 25th June 1782 aged 62 and of JOHN DOWNIE d.29th? June 1775? Aged 25 and of 2 young children. The said JAMES DOWNIE d. 26th September 1819 aged 71. And his spouse MARY LEYS d. 26th December 1851 aged 94.

2. 1827. Erected by JOHN & JAMES BROWN in Crathinaird in memory of their father DONALD BROWN d. in Rinechat aged 73 and his spouse JANET SHAW d. 10th December 1836 aged 85.

3. 1862. In memory of JAMES COUTTS sometime farmer in Crathineard d. 27th May 1859 aged 84 and his wife ELSPAT RIEACH d. 3rd February 1857 aged 81. Erected by their sons WILLIAM & ALEXANDER (spellings as on stone)
4. (In front) In memoriam. Erected in memory of JEANNIE COUTTS wife of CHARLES GRAY d. 7th December 1891 aged 38. Their son ALEXANDER d. in infancy 1st January 1892.2 lines text.

5. 1859. Erected by ELIZABETH DOWNIE in memory of her husband JAMES BROWN farmer in Crathienaird and for 24 years an elder in this parish d. 16th January 1859 aged 63. His wife ELIZABETH DOWNIE d. Crathienaird 3rd March 1876 aged 77.

6. Erected in memory and in affectionate remembrance of HELLEN ROBB d. Crathienaird 6th November 1869 aged 69 also her daughter MARGARET CATTANACH d. Tillygarmont, Finzean 10th April 1918 aged 86. Bottom: 1 line motto.

7. In loving memory of JOHN LEYS d. Bridgend of Bush, Crathie 26th December 1875 aged 61, his wife MARGARET RATTRAY d. 14th January 1895 aged 75. Their daughters EUPHEMIA ROSS d. 22nd August 1887 aged 19, ANNIE d. Khantore 12th September 1908 aged 66. Their son JOHN d. Greenock 26th May 1912 aged 59, MARJORY d. 7th December 1914 aged 59, MARY ANN d. 18th April 1935 aged 74.

8. Here lie the remains of JOHN BROWN sometime farmer in Bush of Crathienaird d. at Wester Micras 18th October 1875 aged 86 and MARGARET LEYS his wife d. Craiglourigan Cottage 2nd August 1876 aged 77. Also of their 5 children FRANCIS d. 1st March 1831 aged 3, FRANCIS d. 27th November 1849 aged 10, MARGARET d. 12th December 1849 aged 14, CHARLES d. 27th December 1849 aged 17, ANNE d. 1st November 1867 aged 37. This stone is erected in affectionate remembrance of his parents, brothers and sisters by JOHN BROWN.

9. This stone is erected in affectionate and grateful remembrance of JOHN BROWN the devoted and faithful personal attendant and beloved friend of Queen Victoria in whose service he had been for 34 years. Born at Crathienaird 8th December 1826 d. at Windsor Castle 27th March 1883. That friend on whose fidelity you count, that friend given you by circumstances over which you have no control, was God's own gift. Well done good & faithful servant etc. (4 lines text)

10.Erected by the sorrowing family in affectionate remembrance of their father CHARLES GORDON d. Crathienaird 1st January 1900 aged 70; their mother MARY BROWN wife of the above d. Tamidhu Cottage 21st December 1917 aged 89. Their son JAMES d. Crathienaird 10th November 1919 aged 63, CHARLOTTE their 4th daughter d. Tamidhu Cottage 6th June 1942 aged 79, JESSIE their youngest daughter d. 9th August 1951 aged 78. (Now face down)

1. 1875. Erected by JOHN McKENZIE in memory of his parents DONALD McKENZIE d. 30th August 1830 aged 60; his spouse MARGARET McKENZIE d. 20th February 1847 aged 70. MARGARET daughter of JOHN McKENZIE & CATHERINE GORDON d. Glasgow 28th January 1861 aged 25.

2. Erected by JOHN McKENZIE in memory of his wife CATHERINE GORDON d. Bridge of Invercauld 22nd March 1893 aged 88. Their sons JAMES d. Aukland 18th August 1892 aged 54, JOHN d. Currah (sic) Ireland 20th December 1893 aged 44 and is interred in Orpington Churchyard, Kent. Said JOHN McKENZIE d. 24th January 1895 aged 81.

1. (Wall) Erected by ROBERT JAMIESON shipmaster in Aberdeen in memory of his wife MARGARET daughter of PETER GORDON farmer Baddoch, Braemar d. 24th June 1871 in 25th year.

2. Erected by JAMES GORDON in loving memory of his parents JOHN GORDON d. Clifton Cottage, Braemar 20th June 1891 aged 93; his wife MARGARET BOWMAN d. 30th June 1890 aged 80. Above JAMES CAMERON GORDON d. Craignordie, Crathie 14th September 1924 aged 78. Their daughter MARGARET GORDON d. Tynabaich, Crathie 28th June 1932 aged 87.

1. In remembrance of ALEXANDER JAMIESON d. Lochnagar 2nd December 1884 aged 64; his daughter JANE d. 1st May 1893 aged 28, ELIZABETH d. 24th August 1899 aged 23. His wife ELIZABETH GORDON d. Gateshead-on-Tyne 27th December 1931 aged 91 and is interred in East Cemetery there.

1. Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER LEYS b. Crofts of Aberarder - d. Townhead, Balmoral 6th July 1901 aged 80, his son MICHAEL FRANCIS b. Tombreck, Glenmuick- d. Townhead, Balmoral 6th October 1870 aged 7. His daughter AGNES b. Tombreck - d. Frogmore 14th October 1887 aged 19 and interred at Windsor. MARY GORDON wife of above ALEXANDER LEYS b. Tombreck - d. Townhead 14th February 1905 aged 75. 1 line text. Base: Their daughters JANET d. 15th February 1924 aged 68, MARGARET d. Ballater 28th September 1931 aged 72.

1. In loving memory of JAMES W. GORDON Drochet, Ballater d. 21st July 1911 aged 44; his wife MARY ANN CRAIG d. 25th March 1958 aged 86.

1. In loving memory of ANNIE GORDON widow of GEORGE ROTHNIE late of Kemnay d. Tullochcoy, Crathie 13th February 1916 in 74th year. Her parents DONALD and JANET GORDON late of Townhead, Crathie and their son CHARLES aged 8. Base:text.

1. In loving memory of DONALD STEWART The Bualtchach d. 24th December 1878 aged 92 and MARY GORDON his wife d. 10th April 1879 aged 90. Their daughter BARBARA d. 16th August 1903 aged 84. Base:text


1. 1851. Erected by DUNCAN FERRIES farmer Burnside, Birse in memory of JANET FERRIES spouse of JAMES GORDON d. 30th August 1831 aged 24.

1. JAMES McANDREW 1788 and ISBELL MIDLETOWN 17.. (nothing inscribed) 3 lines text.
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