I am an old Genesis player who found his collection of files while cleaning out some old folders. Being as I hate throwing away good information, I am posting these files here.

Currently available:
Igun's Maps*Update: I fixed the links. You should have sent me an e-mail.
Igun maintained my favorite Genesis site of all time. Unfortunately, he decided to stop hosting his maps. Last I heard he still provided them upon request, but luckily I saved them, which should make things easier for you.

Edited Quest List
This is the quest list I made for myself after sorting and cleaning up the original. I received two versions. If, for one reason or another, you want to look at them, they are here and here.

Guild Info
Contains some of the info I obtained about the guilds of Genesis. There is some duplicate info in different places, but you'll manage. Guild information about the Rangers and Morgul Mages are in their libraries.

These files have all of the writings in some of the restricted access libraries in Genesis.

Herb List
My remake of the Morgul Mage herb list. Check the Ranger and Morgul Mage libraries for more herb info.

If you want to contact me for some reason, be it praise, complaint, broken link, whatever, you can try reaching me here:

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