Ships with links to the Danvers family of NZ
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Ships on my paternal side

Artemisia - Aboard which Alfred Thornton Danvers arrived in NZ in 1854. (My great grandfather).
Cashmere - Aboard which Alfred's brother, Boswell Danby Danvers arrived in NZ in 1853.
Countess of Seafield - Owned by Alfred's brother, Herbert Danvers. Arrived in NZ in 1874.

Ships my maternal great-grandparents arrived on

Caroline Agnes - Aboard which the Topp family arrived in NZ in 1855.
Strathallan - Aboard which the Murfitt family arrived in NZ in 1858.

Jane's ship

Battleship Ohakea.

Shipping related links

Ships mentioned in the NZ book White Wings (there is a description of all of the above ships in the book).
Shipping routes taken by emigrant sailing ships to NZ.
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