The Dauntsey Doom
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Dauntsey Church Doom
Until 1996, in the Church of St James, Dauntsey, Wiltshire, was located the Doom, (the Last Judgement) painted on wooden boards, one of the five to escape destruction during the reign of the superstitious Edward VI. It is presently undergoing restoration.

In the centre is depicted the Lord, seated on a rainbow with the sun, moon and trumpeting angels above. On his right are all the righteous rising out of their graves, being received by St Peter holding the key to the heavenly mansions. On his left are the wicked, being driven out by an angle with a sword and received by friends and being moved into the flaming jaws of a monster representing Hell.

The doom is a graphical representation of what happens to the good and the evil after dying. Although it has recently been hung at the west end of the north aisle it was in days gone by strategically hung in front of the worshippers above the screen for all to see. Behind the screen the vicars preached their "hellfire and brimstone" sermons.

Very few dooms survive and although one of the inch thick wooden panels is missing the Dauntsey doom is in remarkable condition having been buried for many years after parishioners hid it during the puritan's purge of items considered to be idols.

Memorials of the Danvers Family p. 8-8C
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The Doom hanging at the west end of the north aisle of Dauntsey Church in 1990
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