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    Aerial photos and maps of places in England with Danvers family connections.  
  Land holdings  
    Land in England held by Danvers families over the centuries.  
  Aerial photos  
    Aerial photos of places in England with Danvers family connections.  
    Dauntsey - The village and church.  
  Sir Charles Danvers  
    Sir Charles Danvers Beheaded in 1601 for his part in Essex's insurrection.  
  Sir Henry Danvers  
    Sir Henry Danvers Earl of Danby  
  Sir John Danvers  
    Sir John Danvers Noted for his gardens and signing the death warrant of Charles I.  
  Sir Danvers Osborn  
    Sir Danvers Osborn After whom Danvers, Massachusetts is supposedly named.  
  Philip Sidney's funeral  
    Sir Philip Sidney's funeral procession Henry Danvers was page to Sir Philip.  
  Danvers, MA  
    The establishment of the Town of Danvers, Massachusetts 9 Jun 1757.  
    Culworth Manor, England - Once owned by the Danvers family for 400 years.  
  Roland D'Anvers  
    Culworth and Moonshine Valley, New Zealand - Once owned by Roland D'Anvers.  
    Sir Robert Devereux 2nd Earl of Essex. Beheaded along with Sir Charles Danvers 1601.  
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