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by T.R.Holme

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This chapter and whatever other chapters I may write will eventually be added. Meanwhile, perhaps you would like to read some wise words of Riane Eisler.

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The people of the island of Crete continued in their matristic ways many long centuries after all the mainland cultures had fallen under the patriarchal sway of murdering horsemen and their Sungod. Here on Crete we see the figurines of the snakegoddess. Once again, archeologists have looked and not seen -- what is the significance of this mighty noble woman with a snake in each hand? Ask yourselves this question: What would be the quickest way to dismount horse-mounted assailants so that they might be fought on the ground? Writhing snakes thrust into the horses' faces would do it. Why has no one suggested this previously?



This chapter is in the process of being written...


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