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Galesburg High School   ~   Home of the Silver Streaks 
1135 West Fremont Street   ~   Galesburg, Illinois 61401   ~   309.343.4146

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Can you believe we've been out of high school for 15 YEARS???
WHEN: November 28, 2008
WHERE: McGillicuddy's Coco Lounge, Galesburg (across from Cherry St.)
TIME: 7:00-10:00p.m

COST: $10 per person (collected at reunion)
Appetizers will be available. Drinks & dinner can be purchased at additional cost.

RSVP: [email protected]
Please include name, e-mail, & number of people attending.

*** If you can make it to the reunion, please send a quick e-mail to Brandi. If you are not able to make it or are not sure if you can be there, please send a quick e-mail anyway. This is a GREAT opportunity to update our Class of '93 e-mail contact list for the 20-year reunion!

*** Please join the Yahoo!Group and/or the Facebook Group or the Myspace Group if you haven't already done so. These sites are easy ways to stay in touch with classmates, an invaluable tool when it comes time for 20-year reunion planning, and the best part is they are FREE. JOIN TODAY!

** The $10 per person cost is required to attend & will be applied to reservation of the CoCo lounge, appetizers, and funding for our 20-year reunion.

Class of 1993 Reunion
C/O Brandi Young
1677 Prestwick Drive
Galesburg, IL 61401

Check back soon for more details!

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