Galesburg High School - Graduating Class of 1993


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 FACES IN TIME  ~ Here you will find ALL 294 faces of our classmates shown in random order. These have been scanned in from the 1990 & 1993 yearbooks. If you have a recent picture of yourself and wish to include it in the 2003 column, contact me! NOTE: The content of this section will take a few moments to download due to the quantity of images included.

 THE WAY WE WERE  ~ Look out for those crazy memories! You might find yourself in the pit of nostalgia if you come in here. Faces from our past in candid photographs will be found in here! If you have a picture you wish to include in this section, contact me!

 WHAT WE DID  ~ Yearbook pictures of clubs, organizations, and activities are included here... More to come later!

 PROM  ~ Here are a couple of images from our Senior Prom. Feel free to contact me if you have more to add!

 GRADUATION  ~ In the final moments, cameras went wild. Here are a few moments of what they captured. Again, if you have more to add, contact me!

 HISTORIC GALESBURG  ~ Images from the 1800s through the present day of the HOME TOWN: GALESBURG. Includes postcards from the past and photos of landmark buildings. Soon to include commentary...

NOTE: I take every person's right to privacy VERY seriously. I will do everything in my power to protect those rights. If any images here are not to your liking, let me know and I will remove them immediately. Thank you all for everything.


last updated 08.02.2003


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