The Truth about Bernd Lübeck

The following page on Lübeck gives you some information you may not have about his alliances to people who want to destroy Scientology technology, as well as a factual account from Lübeck himself about how he lined his own pockets at the expense of the Church while he was still a Church staff member.

Bernd Lübeck is the president of the "Freie Zone e.V." association which was registered in Munich, Germany in 1991. He is also the co-author of the association's web-site and its webmaster. He has written a book -- "Schach der Erde" -- under the pseudonym of "Bernd von Wittenburg" which is devoted to exposing a great global conspiracy. Link to book

Lübeck professes a loyalty to LRH via Robertson's eulogies and in the statutes of the Freie Zone e.V. association, under the "Purpose, Tasks, Not for Profit" section, it states:

"1. Purpose of the association is to inform the public about the philosophies of cognition, especially the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard, as well as about organizations working in this field."

Yet the philosophy that Lübeck forwards is not that of L. Ron Hubbard, but altered versions from Bill Robertson and Lübeck is allied to people whose stated intentions are to destroy all Scientology tech in Germany.

There are several facts about Bernd Lübeck that I am going to give you so that you also have the data and can draw your own conclusions about the president of the Free Zone association.

Anastasius Nordenholz

On the Freie Zone e.V. web page, Lübeck has a section on Dr. Anastasius Nordenholz, the author of a book entitled "Scientologie - Wissenschaft von der Beschaffenheit und Tauglichkeit des Wissens" ("Scientology Science of the Constitution and Usefulness of Constitution"). Lübeck states that Nordenholz's work has similarities to the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard. Nothing could be more further from the truth!

The Free Zone, Nordenholz page states: "Already in the early days of his career he was convinced of the idea - meanwhile universally acknowledged - that it is necessary to protect the best and most valuable human specimens in their struggle for life by "race betterment"."

Doesn't this have a familiar ring to it? Yes, this is the same view shared by Adolf Hitler, which lead to the annihilation of millions of innocent people and it is also "universally acknowledged," as being the single greatest destructive act committed in this century, or any other, for that matter.

The Free Zone home page says that in 1904 Nordenholz founded a periodical, "Archiv für Rassen and Gesellschaftsbiologie" ("Archive for Racial and Social Biology"), together with "physician" Alfred Ploetz. This publication stated that it was: "For the research into the nature of race and society and its interrelationships, for the recognition of biological conditions for their conservation and development as well as for the fundamental problems about the theory of evolution -- Scientific organ of the German Society for Racial Hygiene and the Third Reich's Committee for the National Health Service."

What is omitted from the Free Zone page, is that Alfred Ploetz was also a psychiatrist. He worked closely with Ernst Rudin, an infamous psych who was an avid follower of Adolf Hitler. Rudin was the editor of the "Archive for Racial and Social Biology" publication. In 1905, a year after Ploetz and Nordenholz launched their periodical, Ploetz co-founded the Society for Racial Hygiene (Eugenics) in Germany, which he had been working on for 10 years, and which was wholly supported by Hitler. In turn, Ploetz also supported Hitler, and was quoted as saying: "Through his deeds Hitler moves into the ranks of our greatest leaders since olden times!" Through the close association between Nordenholz and Ploetz, it would have surely been difficult for Nordenholz to not share the same views as Ploetz, Rudin and others of their ilk.

The Free Zone home page states that "Dr. Ploetz was the one who first introduced the term "race betterment" into science." However, where do you think Ploetz got the term "race betterment" from? Per the Free Zone page, Nordenholz coined this term "early in his career."

Lübeck is a proponent of Nordenholz's theories being similar to LRH's philosophy but, as I said, nothing could be further from the truth. Nowhere in LRH's writings does he promote "racial hygiene" or "race betterment." To the contrary, his views on the practices of psychs and the Nazis have always been totally clear. He detested them, for obvious reasons. For Lübeck and his Free Zone to intimate that LRH's philosophy originated with a proponent of racial hygiene. is ludicrous to say the least!

You are free to draw your own conclusions to this as I have done. I have just laid out the facts presented in the Free Zone home page and in other Internet pages on Nordenholz, Eugenics, Ploetz and Rudin.

Ursula Caberta

Ursula Caberta is the head of a government department based in Hamburg, which is the only one of its kind in the world. The stated purpose of this department is to make the practice of the Scientology religion a crime in Germany. One should also not forget, that Caberta was a major proponent of a proposed law to regulate "life help". This would not only include what Caberta and others of her ilk perceive, in their distorted view, to be "sects", but would also include anyone who attempts to render services to another in order to assist a person to get along better in life. I am sure you classify yourself as one of the latter. If this law is passed, you will become one of those who would be regulated by the "life help" law.

As early as 1994, Bernd Lübeck was in contact with Caberta when he gave her papers on the Free Zone as well as testimonies from attackers of the Church. He has continued to have contact with her since then. In 1997, a resignee from the Church stated that Lübeck had bragged about being in contact with Caberta and how he was helping her. Caberta told Lübeck that she considered the Free Zone to be like a "methadone treatment" for people leaving the Church. If you are already a Free Zone member and are reading this, how do you like being compared to a drug addict?

Through his alliance with Caberta, Lübeck is also connected to Jeanette Schweitzer and Werner Schirra, who have an association called Vitem e.V., which "assists" Scientologists to resign from the Church. Once Schweitzer and Schirra get someone out of the Church, they then inform the Verfassungsschutz that the person has resigned. Letters from Vitem to the Verfassungsschutz (Image, ca. 170kByte)

Lübeck, Caberta, Schweitzer, Schirra and the Verfassungsschutz are working hand in glove with each other to destroy Scientology and this is no secret. The scenario goes like this: Lübeck uses his Free Zone home page to "inform" people about the Church and push the false tech of Bill Robertson so that people will leave the Church. This helps to implement Caberta's "methadone treatment". Schweitzer and Schirra then follow up by offering their services to get people out of the Church. Once they have succeeded in doing this, they then inform the Verfassungsschutz so that they can try to get "evidence" of wrongdoings in the Church from the resignees. Letters from Vitem to the Verfassungsschutz(Image, ca. 170kByte)

Yet the Free Zone that Lübeck represents, calls itself "Ron's Org" and professes to be LRH's friend while all the time he is working with people who have the sole intention of destroying LRH's tech. Lübeck undoubtedly knows what LRH's viewpoint would be on this so he is obviously motivated by some other interest, known only to himself.

This double face is not new as you can ascertain from the following data that was written by Lübeck himself about an incident that occurred in 1983 while he was a staff member of the Church in Munich.

Rip off of the Church

Lübeck was involved in the purchase of a new building for the Church, in which the Church lost a great deal of money. On 27 April 1983 he sent a CSW (Completed Staff Work) to a Church official, which follows. (The names of the persons he dealt with have been abbreviated.)

"Between September and December 1981 I had an LOA with the purpose to make money. During this LOA I worked in an agency for money counseling. My senior was Mr. B.S. I told him that the Org is looking for a new building.

"End of October I got hold of an engineer who wanted to get financing for a house. His name was Mr. P. B.S. made an appointment with P. and we both visited him on his financial problem. During the talk with Mr. P. we said that we are also dealing in real estates and that we are now looking for a building for the CofS, in the amount of 6-7 Mio DM. Mr. P. said that he heard about a hotel which is going to be sold in Munich Schwabing. He said that the deal would be made already and that the hotel would cost 5 Mio DM. Maybe we could handle the owner if we would say that our customer would be able to pay 6-7 Mio for this. So Mr. P. called the owner (Mr. S.) to tell him that. S. became hot on this and it was decided to offer the hotel for 6.5 Mio DM and to divide the rest between the real estates agents and the owner. S. agreed on this and so the deal started. By our own experts (B. and another architect) the house was estimated on 6 Mio. This was the end price. Mr. S. then wanted 6 Mio for this. Mr. B.S. got 1.5% commission from the org for this deal (90.000 DM). This was the real estates commission. The normal commission is 3% but this was handled down to 1.5%. Additionally Mr. B.S. got 130.000 DM from Mr. S. Mr. B.S. gave me 27.000 DM over a period of 1/2 year. Included was his car worth 8.000 DM. Mr. B.S. promised me another 15.000 DM but never paid it to me.

"I did not report the data to the terminals concerned with the deal inside of the org. I should have reported that the house was formerly offered for 5 Mio DM. By this I caused the org a loss of 1 Mio DM plus the Commission I got from Mr. B.S. (27.000 DM)."

In the same CSW, Lübeck offered to pay back the monetary damage (which amounted to 1,027,000 DM) to the Church over a period of five years -- the Church never received a penny of this. Click here to see the CSW (Image, ca. 80kByte)


Do you honestly believe that someone in collusion with known enemies of Scientology (Caberta, Schweitzer, Schirra and the Verfassungsschutz), and who uses his connections to his job and friends for personal gain, will provide you with "freedom"?

Look at these facts for yourself and determine if this is a person that you want to be associated with.

I have given you these facts and it is now up to you to make your own decision having both sides of the story to hand, not just the one that Lübeck has determined that you should have.

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