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Alhamdulillat! The murtads of FTMecca are contributors to the latest book edited by Ibn Warraq.

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The Nadir Ahmed Phenomenon

All over the net one can find references to Nadir Ahmed, a Muslim apologist whose popularity is on the rise. Often these mentionings are self-referential, with Nadir blustering about his latest alleged victory in debate with non-Muslims. However, now many Muslims are becoming fans of Nadir Ahmed, and they readily repeat his claims of intellectual triumph. In light of his growing popularity, this article examines various arguments put forth by Nadir in an attempt to show that his understanding of what constitutes a proper argument is actually quite poor.
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Lashawan Qadash

In major cities across the United States one can find so-called "Black Hebrew Israelite" groups preaching and screaming on the street. These groups are offshoots of a militant Black-nationalist Christian cult known as the Israeli Church of Universal Practical Knowledge. Among their more curious claims is the assertion that they speak the true form of Hebrew, a dialect called "Lashawan Qadash". This article examines the claims of proponents of this alleged dialect, and gives reason to believe these claims are simply false.
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In the Name of the Rose

Various Muslims on the internet are claiming that science has only recently discovered what the Qur'an claimed 1400 years ago: that when the universe "dies," it will look like a rose in bloom. If this claim is true, it would make for a rather rosy future for Islamic science. Of course, that is a big "if," thus we asked the only Murtad we know who is both a florist and a lay astronomer to investigate this claim.
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