4/May/2006- The MultiDOS ServicePack 1 for MDOS Version 2.1 is availble to download. The pack is a boot disk that is a transistion to the version 3.0 (MultiDOS 2006). This version supports the ethernet card Encore ENL832-TX-ICNT Sundance chipset, Realtek RTL8129 / RTL8139 chipsets and some others sound cards.  If you are using Windows and want to write the image file .IMG extension, please download the RawWrite utility. 





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23/April/2006 - The MultiDOS Project isn't dead, buy we need more developers to continue this project. We are planning to build the MultIDOS LiveCD 2006

20/April/2006 - We need more mirrors to host the MultiDOS Version 2.1. If you can help us, please send a mail to [email protected]

22/September/2005 - The MultiDOS Smart PC Tools Beta 02 is now  availble in Download Center. Smart PC Tools  is  a MultiDOS Emergency Kit. Can save you in hard moments... :-)

22/September/2005 - The MultiDOS Smart PC Tools Beta 02 is now  availble in Download Center. Smart PC Tools  is  a MultiDOS Emergency Kit. Can save you in hard moments... :-)

- Our new  download server for MultiDOS English 2.1 is If somebody is volunteer to host this version of MultiDOS, please send a mail to [email protected]

29/July/2005 - MultiDOS has been translated into English, in attention to many people who gave asked for that. To download MultiDOS in English, just go through our section of Downloads.

28/July/2005 - Now, There is a forum in English for MultiDOS. This is to facilitate users unable to understand Portuguese.

27/July/2005 - The development of MultiDOS has come back into track, after some months of interruption, due to my hardworkin some other LINUX and FreeBSD projects.Noe, we are back, developing the system and wishing to know  what should be improved or even created in following versions of MultiDOS. Participate in its development!

(  ) MultiDOS shold be a portable system. Should be an "emergency kit".
(  ) MultiDOS must be complete, in order to fulfill all needs of users. The size does not mind much.
(  ) MultiDOS must be a system directed to internet SERVERS, considering DOS is a "light" system.
(  ) Otherwise, if you have a completely different opinion from those listed above, click here and type in your ideas.

If you are a programmer, or wish to cooperate in singular parts of MultiDOS, see below some choices.

* To design new wallpapers and new looks for MultiDOS.
* To colaborate in new graphical environments, sotwares...
* To Send drivers for DOS such as sound, video, network cards or USB drivers.
* And, most important: to send new ideas.

The development of MultiDOS will be warranted for a long time, if you - users - join the "task-force" and co-operate in conjunction with the team.

22/July/2005 - New features for MultiDOS
We all know that the tendency is to dimish the number of operating systems designed for DESKTOP environment. My opinion is that only four Operating Systems receive real attention from users: Windows, Linux, MacOS and FreeBSD.

So, to make investments in FreeDOS is not quite much viable, because the system is not completely multitask yet. This is the reason why we are thinkinh of turning MultiDOS a task-dedicated system, as MP3 playing, VideoCD playing, internet browsering, even videogaming.

These are only ideas which may come true. If someone is constructing a MP3 player using old pieces of PC hardware and wants some help in software development, can count on me, because tgis is one of my goals. And if the final project is successful, send me some photos and a brief description of the of the hardware final situation and configuration.

If you want to join the developers group or to send a patch or any piece to make DOS Server perform better, send an e-mail to [email protected] and your name will be added to the MultiDOS Server project. If you do not have enough knowledge of programming but is able to design or draw logos, icons, wallpapers or other graphics, join to help us.
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