Tom Miller Poems - 1997

alive and dirty


yesterday at the dumpster

behind the minute market


i was throwing out the trash

when i saw something move


maybe it was a man or

maybe it was the garbage

come to life


watch out where you’re throwing

that shit


whatever it was said,


I’m trying to live in here



church of the living asshole


some people are not happy being depressed

they have to bring you down with them

some people are bores


they must bore you and call you boring

to feel justified in their cause

some people are just assholes


if you are not an asshole

they will not be satisfied until you are

church of the living asshole


always recruiting, always accepting donations



believe in something


if not god


believe in water

running cool over tar stained feet



if not hope


believe in the sun

caressing the skin as no lover can



if not yourself


believe in me

that i will hold you closely



until something better comes alongs





my little mind

can control

my big mind


my big mind

can control

my little mind


i can suck my own dick



cindy the ball buster


in elementary school

a girl named cindy


learned how to kick

the boys in the balls


of all the places

a girl could kick


that particular target seemed to her

to produce the most profound effect


boys doubled over

clutching themselves


eyes wide mouths agape

gasping for air


and the more she kicked the boys

the more she liked it


a vicious circle

no talk-- just kicking


walked right up when you least expected

and kicked you in the balls


later in life she learned to

produce the same effect


without kicking





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