The Works by S. B. Douglass

A Small Woman

Alison and her future husband Eric make love for the first time
Story codes: MF, rom

Adsorbing Passion

Cheryl discovers that Ron is a monster straight out of a B movie.
Story codes: MF, rom, alien, horror

Adsorbing Passion II

The sexual adventures of a B-movie monster continues.
Story codes: MF, rom, alien, horror

Adsorbing Passion III

Conclusion by Anton Markwart.
Story codes: MF, rom


Eva looses her bikini in the surf then makes love to Jim in the dunes.
Story codes: MF, outdoor


Romance, Nerd Sex
Story codes: MF


Man meets woman at funeral
Story codes: MF, rom


Sexy ghost materializes in frustrated guy's bedroom.
Story codes: MF


Anne finds love and perhaps lust for Jacob while they do homework.
Story codes: MF, rom


Lady gets new necklace, gets horny, finds herself and tackles husband.
Story codes: FM, rom, mast


Anne's new husband is shocked when he discovers her hobby.
Story codes: MF, rom, bisexual, piercing, post-AIDS

Rings II

Sequel to Rings.
Story codes: MF, rom, outdoor, piercing


A skitrip.
Story codes: MF

The Bride

Girl gets married, makes love for the first time.
Story codes: MF, romance, marriage, 1st

The Fish

Mad scientist turns Mary and Kent into merpeople.
Story codes: MF, undersea sexual adventure

Adsorbing Passion
by Anton Markwart


Part III

In article <[email protected]> [email protected] (S. B. Douglass) writes:

>Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to kill the
>monster, so there'll probably be more.

After a while, Jeanne seemed to calm down and accept her fate. I must confess resignation myself.

The only difference was that with Cheryl, we could talk about it. By locking with her mouth I had essentially silenced her for eternity. Her hands were still free, though, so she could still write messages to me when she was coherent. The fact that I had to practically drag her entire body around in order to move seemed almost minor compared to the greater horror progressing.

One morning a few days later, Jeanne noticed that her face was almost completely gone, including her eyes. She wrote me a quick message:

take me to the kichen
I want to see the sun

We went to the kitchen, and I saw that Jeanne had a large glass sliding door looking out over her back yard. I stood in a way that would allow Jeanne to see what might be the last sunrise of her life, but I was almost falling over, and Jeanne helped support us by pushing against the kitchen counter. She wrote again:

lie down on your back

I saw that I could lie on my back, and Jeanne could look out over my body to see in an almost normal head position. I sat down on the linoleum and lay back...

ARRRGH!!! I felt a horrific pain in my back and abdomen, and I was stopped from leaning back somehow by something solid. I slumped on my side, in agony. I couldn't move my legs or feel anything below my waist.

Jeanne had put a knife through my back, severing my spinal cord. When I leaned back, the weight of my body forced the knife through my body. Tears welled through Jeanne's eyes, and she looked at my face one more time before her consciousness seemed to fade.

The orgasms wouldn't come anymore — I couldn't feel anything from my groin area. My mind wouldn't be so distracted anymore. I had to think of some way to get that knife out...

I couldn't reach over and pull it out; maneuvering my back at all made fluid poor out of the wound — blood, I could see by the puddle I was lying in. Was my vena cava cut? If so, I wouldn't be able to stay coherent mu

* * *

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