Franciscan Apostolic Sisters
An Institute of women who witness to Christ's love

 in the spirit of Mary's humility, simplicity, endurance,

service and charity...

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-- We teach in schools

-- We serve

-- in the parishes

-- in medical missions

-- in seminaries

-- in remote villages

-- within the convent walls leading a simple way of life

Father Gerardo Z. Filippeto, OFM, Founder of our order..In 1953, Father Gerardo Z. Filippeto, OFM, a missionary in the Northeastern region of the Philippines, was inspired by the Lord to found an institute of women as auxiliary to his work of evangelization and preservation of the Faith in a vast area deprived of priests.  The members are to live the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi and follow the examples of the Blessed Virgin Mary in her service to Jesus and the Apostles.  For this reason, it is right that the religious family be called the Franciscan Apostolic Sisters (FAS).  It was founded in the spirit of the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis, dedicated to a life of prayer, penance, and apostolate.  On December 8, 1964, Bishop Teodulfo D.D., of the Diocese of Tugegarao granted its Diocesan Approval.   On May 18, 1996, Archbishop Diosdado A. Talamayan, after having received a favorable consent and approval from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, issued the Final Decree of its Canonical Erection as a Religious Institute of Diocesan Right.

We live in community; sharing one vision, sharing our joys as well as our sorrows, our ideals, our faith and vocation..the little Marys of the twentieth (and now the twenty-first!!) century.

Do you wish to learn more about the FAS?  Join us?  Help us build a hospital in the Philippines?  Visit the pages in our website to learn more about the FAS, its aims, spirit, projects, vocations, and links to other sites.  Visit our Photo Gallery and see photographs portraying some of the activities of  the Franciscan Apostolic Sisters.


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