The 'Alien Deviation' Universe

by Clifford A. Pickover, and Friends

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Universe 1.3

Jake's strict Catholic upbringing now had him really worried. If these people came over will all sorts of sexual deviations, stopped the birth-death cycle, how would anyone get to heaven? This lot must be devils. "Get thee behind me, Satan," he said, making the sign of the cross.

Tremirathen did nothing, and just stood there looking faintly amused. Jake picked up the nearest object and tried to hit Tremirathen with it. It bounced off a few centimetres from his body, and sent a nasty electric shock jolt back. Jake turned to run, but Tremirathen then pointed his weapon at him and shouted "Halt - you will be immortalized!"

Jake continued running towards the exit, but Tremirathen carefully took aim and fired the weapon at Jake. It seemed to Jake that he was enveloped in a strange mist but nothing else much happened so he went on running. "Halt - you cannot escape - none of you can." Tremirathen shouted after him. In hyper-reality I have opened the gate. More of us will come. They can get into your world, and they can get out into further worlds, but not back into the original world - so they will be forced to spread our methods or die themselves. Final termination is inevitable..."

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