A Tour of the
Carbondale Roundhouse
All Photographs by Kenny Ganz unless noted
The D&H's "oil house" in Carbondale was impressive in its own right.  This building supplied lubricants for various uses around the railroad yard.
Inside the oil house were several large oil tanks for storing different grades of oil.  These environmental nightmares lasted until the very end along with the rest of the roundhouse.
Amazingly these complex hand pumps remained in the oilhouse as well.
The powerhouse, coaling trestle and smokestack somehow avoided demolition and remain intact to this day.  The west wall of the roundhouse would have been just behind the building in this view. (Crrent photo by Dave Crosby).
Inside the power house we find the boiler is long gone, but an interesting pressure vessel, an air reservoir perhaps, remains attached to the wall some 20 feet overhead.
Heavy iron doors, perhaps part of a system to seperate different grades of coal, also remain in place.
Aside from the powerhouse the only remaining railroad structure was the diesel engine house which still see use as a machine shop.  Along the engine house wall we see what appears to be a locomotive turntable and to the right of the shop we see a c. 1899 bridge which took a D&H branchline over the Lackawanna River. (Current photo by Dave Crosby)
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