A Tour of the
Carbondale Roundhouse
All Photographs by Kenny Ganz unless noted
Standing at the southern-most stall in the nearly-circular roundhouse.  Looking to the left (west) the roundhouse appears largely intact, complete with decaying wooden doors.  The turntable pit, just to the right has loon since been filled in and covered with junk.
From the same stall we look to the right (east) and see a section of the building that is a mere skeleton, having been ravaged by fire at some point.  All tracks leading into the building are long gone.
Its been a long time since these doors have been opened to allow anything but the occasional curious visitor pass through.  Note the intact smoke jacks atop the roof.
One of the key features of the Carbondale roundhouse was the use of concrete in its framework construction.  Here the concrete posts and roof supports are all that remains where challengers and pacifics once slumbered.
In the late 60's former Lehigh Valley Coal Company 0-6-0t #126 was run under its own power down the D&H main from the nearby Coalbrook Coliery in an fledgling effort to begin a tourist operation.  The locomotive would remain in the roundhouse for another 30 years before being moved to the midwest for restoration.  For another view of this engine, click here.
Many of the windows in the Carbondale roundhouse were made up of individual glass blocks.  Here we see a few of the remaining glass blocks in place on a shattered window.
One of several diesel buses lies derelict in stall #42 as we look down the route of the long removed engine departure track.  Ine the distance we see the former powerhouse of the Coalbrook Coliery.  For current view of the power house click here.
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