Ampeg V22     #2
Welcome to another Ampeg repair page.

This is another of Drwows collection of Ampegs, and the repair and modifications will be documented here.

If you have not yet seen the first
Ampeg amp page, check it out!

So on with it!
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The first thing to do is to replace all of the electrolitic caps. Once a cap is over 20 years old it becomes suspect in a tube amp because of the heat... tests show that every 10 degree increase in ambiant cuts the life in half.   The caps in here that need replacement right away are a couple of triple section cans, and a dual section can.

The triples have 2 sections paralleled to create 2 100uf caps, used in series, giving a 50uf @ 1000v; and another section is in series with another can (the brown cardboard one in the top photo ) which is a dual 20, paralled to creat a 40. Which in series with the other 40 gives a 20 @ 700v...

Phew!!  This is complex!!  In the last amp I used expensive dual cans, and small radial caps. In this one I'm using 4 single can types. This is easier.... and cheaper. The 2 silver cans in the photo (right) will be placed in a cardboard tube.

The missing cans on the top of the amp give room for other things.. we shall see....

To see how an Ampeg can be re-capped, check out my
re-cap page...
I have already replaced all of the other electrolitics on the boards. I also installed a new power cord, 3 prong, and removed the death cap. I also removed the master volume pot and a bunch of crap. I have to clean up the wiring and re-install the missing line in/out jacks. I cleaned up the controls with Rotanium, and tried to clean the tube sockets... they need more work...
I've tried the amp - sounds quite nice with a CD player!!

I need to do the bias board and meter next...

Will keep you advised!!

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July 2002

OK - Check out this mess!!  A 3 prong ceramic outlet hanging out on it's wires??

It's kind of lame!  And now it's gone!!

And the added master volume?? I don't think so!!!  A fuse holder for a volume knob?!?!  Sheesh - give me a break!

At least DrWow's got confidence - he bought this amp missing a power cord!! Oh well, I guess he knew I could fix anything this amp could through at me!!
Original caps
New caps
Yuch!!!   Can you say 'butcher'?
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