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 Name............... Amy Edwards
 Age............... 25
 Birthday......... June 4th
 Website.......... Flames and Mirrors
 Hobbies............ Theatre, Writing, Role-playing, Dance, Music, Literature, Movies, Fantasy Baseball


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Tango: Armageddon (Scion) Whispers and Webs (VtM)


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Quote of the Month: July

"You called down the thunder, well now you got it!"

            - Wyatt Earp, Tombstone


    July 24th 2008

    Just working on getting the characters up to date from this far back.

What's New

    Teaching a summer class, fixing the car, trying to lose weight, getting into RPOL. So far so good.


    For Laudanum:

    There are wings in the darkness
    Whispers of leather
    They made you for moonlight
    And in that comfortable sin what glimmer of hope?
    The tattered promise of another bloodstained evening
    With plumeria soaked by rain and trampled by unforgiving steps
    As if to muddy beauty was not a crime
    As if something so pale and pristine and delicate could
    Turn the other cheek.

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