The Lair of the Dancing Dragon...
Oh, Spooky!
Howdy, hello, greetings, hail and well met, vendui, and all that joyous schmag! You seem to have stumbled across my happy little lair, er, homepage, so please, click on the links to learn more aobut me, the highlights of my life, and my favorite places to lurk around online. Who knows, you might just find you have a thing or two in common with an insane, writing Albertan cowgirl.

Valihi Weyr
A Pern fan fiction Weyr that I've been an avid member of for three and a half years (three years of that on the Council, whoot!). I designed and built this site, so check it out if you have ever heard of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern novels, and are interested in playing in Ms. McCaffrey's world. You can talk to me there by PMing me at Tessa

KT Critters
Ask my friends, I am a ceritifiable Bondaholic... Here, you can find virtual creatures I've bonded (a few of which I've even created myself), made by members of Anne McCaffrey's Kitchen Table, where we is an incurable  Bondaholic... Recently the forum moved - as the Kitchen Table was shut down... poopy - but we're now back up and running! I'm registered as Valihi Wingsecond, so send me a shout!

Home of Poi
Man, is this the coolest stuff ever or what? I've been spinning for over a year, personally, and hope someday (someday soon!) to actually spin fire itself! Green fire... Chemistry class rocks! -_^ For now I just work with glowsticks. Blindfolded. ^_^

Last August I spent a week down at Waterton National Park for an Lions International Youth Leadership Camp. I was sponsodered by my local Lions Club - thank you, folks! - and met people from all over the world, forming friendships that are still strong. This Yahoo Group was set up by a delegate from Hong Kong, China, Hang Kin Leung (better known to us all as Bosco), and we all love him to pieces for it! *Glomps Bos.*

I finally got myself a gallery! Whoot! Check out my wondrous (haha) artwork, if you dare... Feel free to comment and critique, either through a DA account or by emailing my personally with comments or criticism, I'm quite open and ready to improve my skill... Also, I keep my DA journal updated quite frequently, so this is a good way to keep tabs on me. *Winks at stalker.*
Tessa's Current Awesome Quote
Ultimately, to write is an act of faith.
- Elie Wiesle
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