Top Pharma Prof. Thrown in Psych Ward
after questioning official COVID narrative

by Jamie White {Infowars, Dec 15, 2020}

Retired university professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan also reportedly had his bank account and credit cards frozen

Claims SARS-COV-2 also a chimera virus created in lab through French and Chinese cooperation

A French former pharmacist has been taken from his home last week and forcibly placed in a psychiatric hospital after exposing the official COVID-19 narrative.

Jean-Bernard Fourtillan was taken by French military police on December 7th and placed in solitary confinement at the psychiatric hospital of Uzès, and his bank account and credit cards were reportedly frozen.

Fourtillan gained widespread publicity when a recent anti-COVID film called Hold-Up went viral in France. In it, he argued that the coronavirus crisis was fabricated and politicized to impose a dangerous vaccine upon the world.

From LifeSite News:

In particular, Fourtillan has accused the French Institut Pasteur, a private non-profit foundation that specializes in biology, micro-organisms, contagious diseases, and vaccination, of having “fabricated” the SARS-COV-2 virus over several decades and been a party to its “escape” from the Wuhan P4 lab — unbeknownst to the lab’s Chinese authorities — which was built following an agreement between France and China signed in 2004.

Based on his research, Fourtillan believes that the coronavirus was created using several sequences of HIV to ultimately create more vaccines, amounting to “lies and organized crime against humanity in an organized gang.”

“The patents were used by various labs to develop vaccines. Two thousand eleven saw the Institute Pasteur filing a further patent application for ‘SARS-COV-2,’ which was identical to the previous one, according to Fourtillan, who says this was done because commercial exploitation of the first patent started in 2003 and would expire 20 years later, in 2023. According to Fourtillan, four sequences of the HIV virus — responsible for AIDS — were added to the virus, in view of creating further vaccines.

Dozens of supporters soon showed up to the Mas Careiron hospital to protest Fourtillan’s internment, chanting “Paris Is Under Orders of the Labs”, and “Free Professor Fourtillan”.

“We silence someone who is completely sane, but who disturbs by his words and his work which do not reflect the official line in terms of medicine and methods of combating Covid-19. In a democracy, it’s intolerable,” said Dr. Jean-Philippe Labrèz, a neuropath expert told Midi-Libre on Saturday.

French authorities insist Fourtillan was arrested as part of a 2019 investigation into illegal clinical trials.

As we reported, the discoverer of the HIV virus, Professor Luc Montagnier, came forward earlier this year claiming that COVID-19 was manmade, which supports Fourtillan’s conclusions.

So does the testimony of Dr. Francis Boyle, who wrote the book on bioweapons treaties for the U.S. government, explaining on The Alex Jones Show how the COVID virus has HIV sequences imbedded within it.

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