Bill Gates and COVID-19
A Lawyer's Perspective

Syed Naqvi {India Legal, May 8, 2020}

abridged by Nikolas Dikigoros

The fear of the spread of Corona Virus has led to the unprecedented lockdown of almost the entire world.

The lives of 7.5 billion people in the world has come to a complete standstill. Any attempt to even imagine the consequences of this lockdown would betray our sense of the magnitude of this calamity on humanity. How has the world come to this situation - where death is lurking around us, even as we have shut down our work and are hiding in our houses to escape from the dreaded Virus?

In the last 120 days that the Corona Virus has spread and created a havoc across the world, much has been discussed and written about the possible source of this Virus. The search for finding the source of this Virus has divided the world into two schools of thought. One, that this Virus has been transmitted from bats or pangolin to human beings by way of consumption from the food market in Wuhan, China. Two, that this virus has leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China.

If the Virus has indeed been transmitted from the consumption of either bats or pangolin, it does not explain how has this Virus spread across the world to more than 200 Countries in just 30 days of January 2020? Chinese have been eating exotic animals like bats and pangolins and even snakes, for hundreds of years. Why only now in the year 2020 that the consumption of bats and pangolins have led to the spread of this Virus and so fast and so far and wide?

If the Virus has leaked from the Wuhan Laboratory in China, even this theory does not explain how has this Virus spread across the world to more than 200 Countries in just 30 days of January 2020? Two sub theories of this leakage theory is that (1) China has deliberately leaked this Virus from its Wuhan Laboratory for spreading it across the world to destroy world economy in general and of the United States of America in particular, due to its bitter trade war with the United States of America and its maverick President. (2) This Virus has accidently leaked from Wuhan Laboratory, China and by the time China realized the enormity of this leakage, several million Chinese at Wuhan had been infected and it was to neutralize this negligence, China sent the infected Wuhan people to as many countries to infect them.

There is an inherent lack of mens rea in this leakage theory, which is sufficient to junk this theory. If indeed the Virus has accidently leaked from Wuhan Laboratory, China would have rather suffered deaths of its own people due to the Virus infection, than deliberately spread it across the world, because the lockdown of the world to contain the spread of the Virus, would also destroy the Chinese economy, much of which is dependent upon being a manufacturer to the world as well as the exporter of its goods across the world. It is thus inconceivable that China would even attempt to use the Virus as a weapon for its either economic or political gains.

As a lawyer, I do not find any compelling case for the prosecution against China, because I do not find either a criminal motive or mens rea in the allegations against China. But I do find the "conspiracy" theory of the Corona Virus having been spread by a votary and a campaigner of Vaccine in conjunction with few pharmaceutical companies, more plausible and prosecutable.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been at the forefront of vaccinating the world. The evidence resented is the actual funding of millions of dollars by this foundation to several countries, which has used these funds for vaccinating its children. India too has been the "beneficiary" of the "benevolence" of this foundation. Another circumstantial evidence is the frequent visits of Bill and Melinda Gates to India and Africa, to oversee the vaccination of Indian and African children. The pending petition in the Supreme Court of India against Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for causing deaths to children in India by their Vaccination Campaign fortifies their argument further.

Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest man in the world as the founder of the Microsoft Company. Bill Gates is obsessed with wealth and it is in order to multiply his wealth from Microsoft that he has embarked upon a devilish idea of vaccinating the people of the world in general and not just children, for which he has been donating billions of his personal dollars to the governments of most of the countries. If by creating a pandemic of Virus, the world is compelled to vaccinate against a Virus, the wealth generated by the sale of the Vaccine to an estimated 7.5 billion people, will make Bill Gates the richest man in the world for ever as long this world exist.

So how has Bill Gates achieved his fortune?

Bill Gates knows about the Virology Research Institute at Wuhan, China. As a matter of fact and evidence, his foundation has donated millions of dollars to this Institute. In order to commit this crime, he would need conspirators and a story to tell the world to prepare the world for vaccination. Few prophetic speeches of Anthony Fauci, the veteran head of the National Institute of Virology in the United States of America and Bill Gates, in 2015, about the possible outbreak of Virus across the world, resulting in a pandemic, which would require people to be vaccinated, has provided the basis for the allegation of genocide against Bill Gates, going so far as calling him a Devil. The silence of Bill Gates against these allegations in the social media, has only helped to fuel this theory.

Our sufferings at being locked down, has necessitated our search for the truth of the origin as well as spread of Corona Virus. What appears plausible is, that Bill Gates could have instigated leakage of the Corona Virus from the Wuhan Laboratory and offered the residents of Wuhan, compensation for being infected with Corona Virus by pre-vaccinating them and undertake world-wide travel to infect as many people.

There is another conspirator in the alleged crime. Terdos Adhanom, the Chief of the World Health Organisation (WHO). He is alleged to be a Fauci man. It was Terdos led WHO that declared COVID-19 as Pandemic, which compelled most of the Countries of the world to immediately declare lockdowns. The Breaking-News Media has helped in scaring people to seek a Vaccine against Corona Virus.

As a lawyer, I quite like this "conspiracy" theory against Bill Gates. Because, in the event the manufacture of the Vaccine against Corona Virus is traced to the link between Bill Gates and the Pharmacuetical Companies manufacturing the Vaccine as well as trace all the passengers who have travelled from Wuhan to other countries at the relevant time, then it will be possible to successfully nail and prosecute Bill Gates with the help of the testimonies of these "conspiracy" theorists as well an extremely believable testimony of Dr. Judy Mikovits against Tony Fauci and Bill Gates. She called Covid-19 a "Plandemic [planned epidemic]" by Bill Gates and Tony Fauci. And it will be possible to destroy "Gates of Hell" and his wealth, so that no man ever lives to tell the tale of causing human destruction for achieving the satanic pleasures of acquiring wealth by such devilish means.

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