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Sigatoka Valley
Somewhere along the Sigatoka Valley.


I am a student of the Fijian language and I have created this site mainly as a study aid for myself and any others who wish to use it. I am not an expert in Fijian. If you can't find a particular word you are looking for on this site then I suggest you refer to the additional reference materials listed below. Vinaka.

Guide to Fijian pronunciation - good place to start for simple understanding of pronunciation. - more consise. Note: the v is pronunced as a Voiced bilabial fricative which can be a bit difficult for english speakers.


This dictionary is still being built, but feel free to use what is here (updated June. 2007)...

Word Count approx. 850

English-Fijian Dictionary 

Fijian-English Dictionary

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Fijian online at SBS Radio.

Guide to Books on the Fijian Language: 

The Fijian Dictionary, A. Capell, Government Press, Suva Fiji, 1991

Fijian phrasebook, Paul Geraghty, Lonely Planet, Australia, 1994

Fijian Grammar, G.B. Milner, Government Press, Suva Fiji, 1991

A New Fijian Grammar, C. Maxwell Churchward, Government Press, Suva Fiji, 1973

The books listed above are available online at the University of the South Pacific bookstore in Suva, Fiji

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