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March 15, 2004

To whom it may concern:

As Principal at Lee Middle School, I have worked with Felicia Samson for seven years.  The first six years Ms. Samson worked as a teacher at Lee in the area of Language Arts and Social Studies.  For the past few months ms. Samson has served as the district's Intervention Coordinator. Ms. Samson also has been the Summer School Principal on our campus.  Ms. Samson works well with all students, but one of her strengths is developing trusting relationships with students who have had difficulty relating to others or being successful in a traditional school environment.  Students respond to her quiet and patient demeanor.  She remains positive with students, even when dealing with disciplinary issues.

Our school is organized around schools-within-a-school concept.  In that arrangement ms. Samson served as one of our team leaders.  In that role, Ms. Samson coordinated tutoring programs, Student Study Teams, scheduling of students and facilitating all activities of her team.  She consistently worked closely with parents and staff members to ensure that the needs of students were addressed.  To provide support for students, Ms. Samson went out of her way to bring in outside assistance, including Writing Ambassadors from UC Davis who worked one-on-one with students and many parents who contributed as field trip chaperones and guest speakers.

As Summer School Principal and Interventions Coordinator Ms. Samson maintains close contact with school sites and has implemented new programs and procedures to increase communication.  She has initiated changes in the student information system that allows for better tracking of students who are at risk.  Ms. Samson keeps everyone informed of intervention programs through a weekly bulletin, in addition to electronic communication and site visits to administration and staff members.

In the years that I have worked with Ms. Samson, I have found her to be an effective communicator and outstanding individual.  She goes the extra mile to do what is best for kids.  Ms. Samson is a problem solver and works to smooth over difficult situations.  She is a great support and ally for all teachers.  Consequently, I would highly recommend her for any position she chose to seek.


Michael B. Stevens, Principal
Lee Middle School

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